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Sourdough is a process of baking bread without the use of commercial yeast. Instead, naturally occurring yeast and lacto-bacteria are captured and kept alive in a "sourdough starter." In combination with a long fermentation time, these methods create a healthier, more traditional (and more delicious!) bread.


Sourdough bread, in comparison with conventional "yeasted" bread has a lower glycemic index, more available nutrients, stays fresher for longer, breaks down more gluten, and pre-digests starches, making it easier on our digestive system. All of our bread is made with organic ingredients and hearth-baked.

Bread Storage Tip:

Get a bread box! Alternatively, you may loosely tie a plastic grocery bag around your paper-wrapped loaf and leave your bread on the counter. This prevents the loaf from drying out while allowing some air in to help prevent mold.

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